Benefits of Installing a Shower Water Filter

A shower water filter is an equipment fitted within the shower head which serves various different functions and purifies water. Water filters are of three types; granular activated carbon filter that uses activated carbon to neutralize chemicals present in water and the most common type. Kinetic degradation filter creates negative and positive charges to remove chlorine and other elements from water. Then there is vitamin C filter that uses vitamin C to remove chlorine and chloramines from the shower water. Installing a shower water filter is becoming a necessity due to the degrading quality of water on daily basis. The benefits of installing shower filters discussed below will help you understand their importance.

In due time, millions of bacteria begin to breed in the nooks and crannies of your shower head and using the water directly might be harmful. A shower filter removes up to ninety nine percent of theses bacteria and only delivers pure water to you. The more you continue using a shower filter, the softer your skin will become because the contaminants in water that can dry out skin and cause wrinkles have been filtered out. The skin normally absorbs the chlorine preset in water and continuous absorption can lead to increased cancer risks. Therefore using shower filters reduce the risks of some cancers.

Shower filters prevent the inhalation of chlorine and chloramines compounds while showering, which reduces exposure to deadly compounds present in the water. Chloramines are the new compound of chlorine used in water and they are more dangerous than chlorine because they lack smell. Installing shower filters in your home indoor showers improve the indoor air quality significantly and prevent contamination of the air inside your home. Regular use of filtered water improves the quality of your hair because it removes chlorine that absorbs the natural moisturizing oils from the scalp normally leaving the hair feeling rough and dry. Find the best aquabliss shower filter or check out aquabliss water filter pitcher for more details.

Chlorinated water has been known to cause fatigue among its users, using a shower filter to remove the chlorine helps to bring back your lost energy levels. Using a shower filter for hard water is known to improve immunity in the long run. Shower filters are extremely cost effective and are easy to use, and provide sufficient protection from the harmful effects of unfiltered water. Installing a shower filter reduces respiratory problems that can be caused by continuous inhalation of chlorine during showers. Eliminating chlorine from water can reduce the risk and prevent your lungs from being damaged. Using a shower filter reduces allergies and rashes in delicate areas of the body where the skin is sensitive. These are some of the main benefits of installing shower head filter in your home. You can read more on this here:


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